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Interview with @artbyrisotoo [Part I]

What is your name?

Nicolas Benard

Where are you from?


What got you started on drawing?

I have always been attracted on drawing since my childhood. Especially drawing female characters.
After my basic studies I joined a graphic design school which allowed me to learn many new techniques including the use of digital.

Where do you find inspiration?

In lots of things: reference pictures and the work of other artists are a daily dose of inspiration but I also find inspiration in older things that made my childhood (like video game, manga/anime or 90's movies).


Describe your drawing environment.

Currently on the top floor of my house (which is a fairly old house). On a desk that's too narrow to put a keyboard in front of my tablet! I'm really going to have to change that for a more suitable desk! :D
It's also in this room that all my video games are... so the temptation is sometimes (too) big!


You've done quite a few "draw this in your style" challenges. What is the favourite character that you have created for this so far? What is your favourite submission for other people's challenges?

I've hosted 4 DTIYS challenges so far. I guess my favourite is Ambre the succubus... But I also love Oyuki (the last one I created). By the way did you know that Ambre is a reference to one of my favourite game (Catherine)?
I've participated in a lot of challenges like this, but one of my favoutire is probably Mana from a challenge hosted by @lord_gris.

Let’s talk about your Ambre art piece for our collaboration. Ambre, along with your succubus, your @msshanh "draw this in your style" submission and your recent DTIYS creation Oyuki all feature a pair of horns. What about this feature that draws you to use it as a recurring motif in your artworks?

It's a shape that I find rather aesthetic and which makes it quite easy to add interest to a character. Beyond the aesthetic side, I really like the fantastic and mystical side that it can brings.
But I think I like doing chokers even more than horns! :D


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