Interview with @artbyrisotoo [Part II] - Sculptophile

Interview with @artbyrisotoo [Part II]

You feature a lot of intricate jewelry and tattoos on the characters you draw, have you ever thought about designing your own tattoo and jewelry? Do you have any tattoos and are there jewelry pieces you like you wear?

Yes, these are things that I really like to draw, especially jewelry! But no, I never thought of designing jewelry. Usually, what happens is the exact opposite: the design of existing jewelry inspires me. For tattoos yes, I thought very seriously about starting a carreer into this sector few years ago. I think it can be seen on my first Instagram posts. But in the end I didn't go further than some drawings.

Strangely I don't have any tattoos and almost no jewelry (just a wedding ring). But I think if I was a girl I would love to wear jewelry like the ones on my drawings!


Here at Sculptophile, we collaborate with creatives to transform their 2D works into sculptures, what has your experience been like working with us here at Sculptophile so far?

It was a great experience! It's always been like a dream to be able to see one day one of my drawings transform into a physical object like a sculpture! So I was immediately very excited about this project and I'm so happy with the result! I hope we can do it again with another character :)

Who are some artists on Instagram that you’d like to see their work get turned into a 3D collectible?

Oh I have so many in mind! But to name just a few of them : @anam.draws @cheng.e @virtual__bunny @kyunst_ @davey_perkins


Any upcoming projects or happenings you’d like to share?

I'm actually into a project of a collaborative artbook with 10 other amazing artists. The artbook will be released really soon on kickstarter.

But my biggest project is to open my own print and goodies shop. I hope to be able to achieve this in the next few months.

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