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Interview with @dhabitahpunk [Part I]

What is your name? 

My name is Dhabitah Kamarudin.


What’s your background? 

I studied Digital Animation in School of Art, Design and Media in Singapore. I've always been interested in visual effects (CGI in movies). Thus, a lot of my time spent in university was doing compositing such as adding 3D objects into a video clip shot in real life.

Where did you learn to draw? 

I started drawing since I was 5. My mom taught me and I've always loved drawing ever since then. But then, as I grew older, I didn't draw as much as I had other hobbies and did other things in my spare time.


Who are your biggest artistic influences? 

Alexis Franklin is just a true inspiration to me! I absolutely adore the way she makes digital portraits look traditional yet contemporary at the same time!

Which drawing tools do you use as part of your creation process?

I use Paintstorm Studio on PC. It's such a great tool for digital painting. I'm surprised it's quite underrated. I also use an XPPen Pro 13.3 as my drawing tablet. It's so amazing and makes my painting process so much more efficient!

You do a lot of portraits based on references from other people. What has been your favourite model to paint so far? 

My favorite has to be Gauge Burek, also known as heir.of.atticus. There's just something about his facial expressions and poses that always resonate to me.

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