Interview with @dhabitahpunk [Part II] - Sculptophile

Interview with @dhabitahpunk [Part II]

Your digital paintings have an acrylic painting quality to them. Have you ever tried painting with a traditional medium like acrylic paints? If not, do you have any plans to?

No, I actually have not painted with acrylics or oil. I don't know if I plan to because traditional medium requires a lot of preparation and cleaning up afterwards. Hahaha! Digital is much faster and there's nothing much to clean up. That being said, I love watching tutorials and attending online courses of traditional oil/acrylic painting and try to use the same techniques as much as possible to apply to my digital approach. For example, I try to paint everything most of my work on one layer and minimize the use of transformation tool or even the undo tool.


You normally paint your subjects in a realistic manner but for your Secrets Kept piece you have opted for a more fantasy approach, what's the inspiration behind it? 

Actually Secrets Kept was created during the month of October last year. Every October, I tend to make dark and edgy characters to celebrate the month of Halloween. I think elves are really cool and sophisticated, and they're one of my favorite fantasy characters so that was how Secrets Kept came about.


Here at Sculptophile, we work with artists to bring their works to life in 3D, what got you interested in doing this collaboration with us? 

What interests me is to see my painting being recreated in a different medium. I think it's fascinating to see another artist give their own take on my work. Getting a 2D artwork made into 3D is also something unique to me!

Who are some artists on Instagram that you’d like to see their work get turned into a 3D collectible? 

I would love to see @emotionalsardine's and @kaosic's characters get turned to 3D collectibles! They both make really amazing character designs!

Any upcoming projects or happenings you’d like to share? 

I don't really have any big projects coming up other than this one, but I aim to connect more with my followers and possibly make more painting tutorials and stuff like that!

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