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Interview with @corpus_anima [Part I]

What's your real name?

My name is Martin Ezequiel Santos.

What's your background?

I'm 23 years old and I live in Argentina.

I started to draw fully in 2016, with only a pencil and a paper. With time I started to experiment with different types of art, I began to create digital pieces with my phone, and years later I felt the curiosity to turn my creatures in 3D Models, this last one thing ended up quickly because of the urge to find new things to create.

That's when I began to build a new and unique style, bloody creatures with open faces filled with teeth in every little place of their anatomy.

I wanted them to be more violent, with pure hatred inside, people must fear them.

But with such a horrendous creature there must be some elegance to create a very huge contrast, that's why I use pure white backgrounds, I don't want the monster to get lost in the ambience, it has to be the main protagonist.


What got you started on drawing?

The desire to create my own world with my own rules.

I always wanted people to see what I do, to react to my way of think, of course, not everyone likes what I do because of how different my art is, but that is something that motivates me even more.

I want them to feel uncomfortable when looking at my art, at my creatures.


My first creations where not as "impactful" as these last ones, I started a long journey to make them more threatful, then I quickly noticed how people where more impacted about them, that motivated me even more than before.

But as I said, I started to draw because I wanted to create a place of my own so people can see how my mind works.


You have a pretty out of the ordinary subject matter, where do you find inspiration?

I find my inspiration straight from horror video games, there are some titles with great designs, such as Dead Space, The Evil Within, Silent Hill, etc.

And sometimes my inspiration comes from gore videos I found on internet, those are extremely helpful because they make me understand how we look with an extreme wound on our faces, to later apply it on my creatures.


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