Interview with @corpus_anima [Part II] - Sculptophile

Interview with @corpus_anima [Part II]

What’s your favourite setup for drawing?

My phone and a regular stylus, I don't need anything else in order to create my monsters :)

Long ago I used to paint on a classical canvas, but art resources are extremely expensive here where I live.


Is there a commission that you’ve done that you’d call your favourite so far?

Yes, the "flesh sucker" one, it looks really amazing and I love it because it's scary even for me! 

But overall, I really enjoy making these commissions, it's very interesting to see people wanting to be turned in my monsters.

Flesh Sucker


Let’s talk about your Human Flower art piece for our collaboration. In your other drawings the subjects are usually in a state of distress, yet in the Human Flower piece the subject is in a more somber mood, what is the story behind that?

When I created the Human Flower, I thought about somebody relaxed, like, he's waiting to evolve patiently (one closed eye) but the other half can't wait to "explode"(open eye).

Normally my creatures looks like they are suffering, or screaming in pain, but not this one.



The name came (obviously) from his anatomy, those open wounds look like a big red bloody flower in spring.

And I love flowers and plants, not gonna lie xD.


Here at Sculptophile, we work with artists to bring their works to life in 3D, what got you interested in doing this collaboration with us when I first reached out to you?

The question answers by itself!

Because I want to see my new creatures came to life

And for what I could see, you guys are doing an amazing job and that motivates me even more to continue with the collaboration.


Who are some artists on Instagram that you’d like to see their work get turned into a 3D collectible?

@seddraws is one hell of an artist, the guy is extremely talented and he even made an artwork based on my monsters and it's really great!


Any upcoming projects or happenings you’d like to share?

At the moment I’m not currently working in any new piece, I’m preparing myself with some personal stuff so I can get back to 3D sculpting as soon as possible.

Of course, I will continue with digital drawings, but I want to have some "variation" on my Instagram profile and reach even more people out there.


Anything you’d like to ask me?

Hmmmm I’m curious about your sculptors.

Are they a big team? Or do you have like only one sculptor doing all the work?

Because for what I could see, the process on the Human Flower is amazing!


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