Interview with @isnyr [Part II] - Sculptophile

Interview with @isnyr [Part II]

What is currently the favorite art piece that you’ve made?

My most favorite artwork so far is this one [see below], inspired by Alphonse Mucha. I had to create something out of my own comfort zone (which is usually creature related artworks) which made it all the more special to me. Took me months and a lot of experimenting to actually complete but I truly enjoyed the process of it!


You often depict mythological looking subjects in your drawings, what would you say is your favorite mythological animal?

I must say I'm intrigued by most mythological creatures, but the Sphinx and East Asian dragons are my top favorites!

Let’s talk about your Kitsune art piece for our collaboration. In your drawings, the canines often feature parts from other animals, such as wings and horns. For your Kitsune piece, you’ve chosen to give your subject fox and dog-like features, with fish-like scales behind the skull. What’s the story behind that?

Added fox characteristics because I wanted to give this creature a mischievous look/character! The scales were a stylistic choice, really. I really love fish scales on traditional tattoo designs so I wanted to incorporate them into it! I envisioned this fox to be a guardian of some sort of portal, or a living statue character lurking in abandoned, forgotten temples in an alternative universe.


Here at Sculptophile, we collaborate with creatives to transform their 2D works into sculptures, what has your experience been like working with us so far?

The 3D artist has done such great work! I was speechless when I saw the first WIP shots! The communication has also been great and I am beyond excited to be part of this collaboration!


Who are some artists on Instagram that you’d like to see their work get turned into a 3D collectible?

@barkins and @lunegrimm!


Any upcoming projects or happenings you’d like to share?

Not at the moment! I'm hoping to have an artbook and an illustrated story book completed by the end of the year, but I still have a long way before any of these two happen!


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