About Us

Our Missions

Provide our customers with a wide selection of sculptures on demand.
Fast release, weeks from selection of 2D artwork to sculpture.
Supporting both artists and sculptors and creating a virtuous ecosystem.


Peter wears many hats, he is medically trained, went to business school, founded and worked at many startups, and currently works in a Silicon Valley tech firm. The moment he had his own place, he started to stuff it with statues of various kinds, marble, bronze, terra-cotta, and polystone.

The Founding

One day, Peter were looking at amazing Instagram graphic artist's work, and wondered why can't they buy a sculpture of said work. The conversation drifted towards our past experience and frustration with long pre-orders waits, and limited and inconsistent supplies of sculptures we like. They decided to find out why we can't have nice things.

Three major limitations of the current state are identified:

  1. Complex supply chains (from sourcing to manufacturing and shipping, a lot of steps and time are spent until consumers get their orders)
  2. Risk of unsold inventories (manufacturers or brands are reluctant to take a chance on artists with unproven sales figures, due to the initial cost to produce molds, and economical order of manufacturing quantities)
  3. Complex contracts (artists of certain followings have an army of lawyers to negotiate contracts; and due to multiple parties involved in sculpture production, coming to agreements with what to produce, how many, could take months, if not years)

 After lengthy research and discussion, the logical solutions are the following:

  1. Streamline the supply chain by taking on the responsibility of coordinating artist and sculptors, while running production and distribution at the same time. 
  2. Use 3D resin printing, and on-demand production to reduce inventory risks. Since we are more risk tolerant, we take on artists that we admire, and are up-and-coming. 
  3. Profits share equitably with artists/sculptors, and make contract terms easy to understand and fair to both parties.